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How Much to Tip Movers After They’ve Hauled Your Stuff

Wondering how much to tip movers? At the end of a long day of packing your possessions, labeling boxes, and fretting about moving everything from Point A to Point B, you might suddenly realize you have no idea how much to tip movers—you know, those guys who hauled your couch up three flights of stairs, along with all the other stuff you’ve accumulated in your lifetime. How much gratuity is customary for such service?

Do you have to tip movers?

Yet tipping movers, like tipping any service worker, is a matter of discretion. In other words, if your movers took extra care when lifting boxes onto the truck or carefully wrapping your grandmother’s mantel clock, then show your appreciation with a nice gratuity. If the movers treated your possessions like junk, there’s no obligation to tip them at all.

Plus, tipping movers may be a disappearing custom. Just like some restaurants now forbid tipping and pay their employees more, some national moving companies are instituting a no-tipping policy, too. Smaller companies may follow suit; however, they work on tighter margins and would likely pass those higher wages onto customers. Either way, you’ll pay more.

How much to tip movers

If you’re using a national moving company, chances are good that tips are a line item on your bill, which you can pay by credit card. That’s the best way to prove to the IRS that tips were part of the total moving costs, if you’re deducting the cost of the move on your tax return

If you’re fine tipping your movers in cash, there’s no need to tip each mover individually; just hand the cash or check to the job boss, who will distribute it. If you’re moving long-distance, and different crews load and unload the truck, divide the overall tip and give half to each crew

Should I Empty the Drawers Before Moving my Dresser?

Should you empty drawers before moving a dresser? Customers often ask us this question. The answer is often no. We can move your dresser loaded. A full dresser is heavy. But, if you don’t unload its contents, you save time. You’ll also open up space in the moving van.

However, like many things in life, the devil is in the details. It’s safer to unpack a dresser before moving it in some situations. Before moving a dresser, we’ll evaluate the situation. We look at the type of dresser and what’s in the drawers. If it’s not safe to move the chest loaded, we’ll empty the drawers and pack the items in separate boxes.

Is the Dresser Sturdy?

You don’t need to empty the draws of a well-built dresser in good shape. What makes a dresser strong? The drawers and frame should be solid. The joints and corners of the piece should be stable. A sturdy dresser is often heavy and made of solid wood.

Do You Have the Strength?

If you’re moving yourself, be sure you have the strength to carry a bulky, heavy piece. You’ll have to keep the dresser upright if the drawers are loaded. Plan ahead to determine how you’ll get the piece through doors and down stairs.

What’s in the Drawers?

Even if your dresser is solidly built, you might need to unload it. You should remove and pack separately certain types of belongings. In general, soft things such as clothing, towels, sheets or pillows can remain in the drawers. Just be sure that the drawers aren’t overstuffed

Remove heavy objects and pack them in separate boxes. Small, fragile or valuable items should also be packed separately. Here’s a breakdown of things that need to be packed in boxes:

Fragile items: Remove anything that could break if it shifts. Glass, art or porcelain should be removed. Wrap and pack these things separately.

Jewelry: Jewelry can get lost or damaged during a move. Because it’s small, it can shift and get stuck in corners or slip through cracks. Secure and pack jewelry in a separate box.

Money: Don’t move cash, checks, credit cards and the like in a dresser. You’ll want to keep money with you rather than loading it onto a moving van.

Books, CDs, DVDs: These items are too heavy to stay in the drawers. They may shift during the move and damage your dresser.

Valuable papers: Empty these from your dresser. Carry them with you rather than loading them in a van.

Small, easily lost items: Anything that can shift, such as desk supplies, cosmetics or other small items should be packed securely in boxes

Reasons To Use A Packing Service For Your Next Move

Moving can be stressful, and a lot of work is involved in the whole process. If you have an upcoming move and you’re dreading it, you may want to find ways to make it easier. You can hire help to handle certain tasks so that you have less stress and the job is done right. Many people choose to hire a packing service so that they don’t have to pack up all of their own belongings.

Save Time

If you have a lot going on before your move, you may feel overwhelmed. It can be hard to balance personal needs and work with your moving tasks. The good news is there is help available. By hiring a packing service, you can save time. They can pack up your whole home carefully and you can instead use your time to get other things done

They Do a Great Job

If you try to handle your packing needs on your own, you may wait until the last minute. This may mean that you don’t do a very good job. If you don’t want your personal items to get broken and you want them to arrive safely at your new place, it’s important that you do a great job. By hiring a packing service, you’ll get better results.

They Have the Right Tools

You need to use the right tools and equipment when packing up. If you don’t, it can be a lot easier for damage to happen. You may be tempted to use boxes that you already have lying around, but they may not be sturdy enough. When you hire a packing service, they have the right tools and equipment to protect your belongings and pack everything up well.

You’re in a Big Hurry

Sometimes moves happen unexpectedly. If you’re crunched for time and have to get out of your current home fast, it makes sense to use a packing service. They can act quickly and efficiently pack up your items with care. This way you’re able to make your deadline.

Container Loading

Let the Experts at Pack and Load Services Load it Right the First Time

Not sure how to get the most into your portable storage container? Worried that items may shift around in transit and be damaged? Just don’t want to move the heavy stuff?

With thousands and thousands of portable storage unit pack and loads to credit, know how to securely load a container so the items won’t shift during transit while at the same time maximizing your investment by using all available space in the unit. By keeping a careful eye on what can be “stacked” and combining that with knowledge of professional loading techniques, you can be assured that your investment will be maximized and your goods secure.

Just as important to securely packing and loading your storage container, is the time and attention saved by using unloading services. Whether you are retrieving one item or everything in your portable unit, let help you make the task safe and simple.

experienced team will professionally unload you items and place them wherever you direct. From re-assembling a bed, to a grand piano can handle it all. Spend your time designing the layout and placement preferences for your items and let do the “heavy lifting” and clean up of packing material.



Step 1

Pick one of the three providers to help you find a qualified packing and loading company.

Step 2

They’ll search their online marketplace for your local area to find the most highly-rated packing and loading companies based on your needs.   

Step 3

Book your packing and moving help. Schedule them to come at least a day after your container drop-off.

Maximize container space

The pros refer know containers inside and out, so they can really make the most of your space and tailor your move.

Help how you want it

Set yourself up for a successful move by hiring professional help. Whether you just want your dishes packed or your whole house boxed and loaded, they can do as much or as little as you need.

Easy on your mind and body

Get peace of mind knowing you’ll have a professionally loaded container and spare yourself some bruises and achy muscles while you’re at it.

Contactless unloading available

To help protect the health and safety of customers, the labor providers can connect you with offer contactless solutions for unloading, so you can get a helping hand while adhering to social distancing rules.