Hiring A Mold Inspection Company Versus DIY Anti-Mold Action

Home Inspection

home inspection provides you with the ‘information’ you need to make an informed decision about the property being inspected in a clear, concise, and professional manner. deliver an oral report on site and a detailed

inspect your home and you are not 100% satisfied with our inspection – you pay absolutely nothing for the inspection.

understand this is an important step in your life. This guarantee is just one more way to demonstrate my desire and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations

more thorough. take time. not trying to rush through your inspection to get to the next one. That often means find defects the other guys don’t. And that can mean the seller, not you, will pay for the repairs. And because more thorough, fees tend to be a bit higher. So you can pay a higher fee and get a more thorough inspection, or you can save some money by hiring the cheapest inspector, and maybe spend thousands more to fix the things the cheap inspector missed. “feel so strongly that you’ll be satisfied with inspection service and inspection report.” This inspection is an important step in your life and this Guarantee is one more way to demonstrate to you desire and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations.

Want A More Comprehensive Home Inspection?

Then select Home Inspectors because include the most important aspects of a thorough home inspection. For the home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction.

Mold Inspection

“Mold remediation is the process of treating mold-contaminated areas, effectively stopping, reducing, and repairing the growth of mold,” said. “Mold needs warmth, moisture, and food. Anytime there is a water loss, it needs to be dealt with immediately. It only takes 48 to 72 hours for mold to become present.”

“Not enough people know that mold assessments and remediation are two different processes that should be kept separate and professionally handled,” he said. “However, when used in a collaborative effort, they can help solve a mold issue much more comprehensively.”

So what makes this relationship so much more efficient? According, it’s the checks and balances, the open lines of communication, and having that unique detection expertise available while the restoration is in process.

About The Secret Life of Mold:

Mold can lurk undetected, wreaking havoc and making you, those around you, and your property sick. The Secret Life of Mold team know the plethora of myths, misconceptions, and scare tactics that cause confusion and fear. The Secret Life of Mold podcast is armed with proven and experienced tips, tools, strategies, and information on all things mold, allergy, and air quality issues that you need to know.

to provide affordable, professional, and high-quality mold inspection and testing services to people across suffering from the nuisance of mold

Best Respirators For Mold

Mold (whether it’s house mold, food mold or even black mold) is a subject that many people don’t know much about. And dealing with it might be dangerous, because mold can easily damage your health if you aren’t well prepared equipment-wise. In this article we’ll try and choose the best respirators for mold so you don’t end up breathing it in

rated pick on this list, and it’s because there’s just no beating this monster of a respirator. It comes with two pair of changeable filters so that you don’t need to offer more in the future, it covers your face to ensure not a single mold spore gets to you and it’s still offers decent levels of comfort according to people in reviews. The straps are good quality and flexible, the lens is wide and easy to clean and the design is modern and eye-catching. Of course, it boasts the P100 protection so it will filter anything your body don’t need to inhale.

This respirator offers certified P100 protection, which means that you can be safe and sure while using it for mold removal. It’s certified for professional use and includes a carbon layer that reduces the amount of particles you breathe in. The design is modern and seems to be quite comfortable on the head. The filters can be bought and changed, so the mask is definitely reusable. This one might well be the best mask respirator for mold, but let’s move on to other competitors.

One of the more multifunctional respirators on the list. It protects you from mold as well as dust and other particles and at the same time might be helpful for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, running etc. The manufacturer also states that this mask (described as the best respirator mask for mold) will protect you from viruses, bacteria and pollen, which the reviews show to be true. Comes in two sizes and offers best design out of all respirators on today’s list, very contemporary (maybe even a bit futuristic) and definitely eye-catching.

Very similar to our first mask of the day, this respirator is made by HXMY, offers changeable filters. Nevertheless, the price is a bit higher, and there must be a good reason why, so let’s take a look. First difference is a drop down feature implemented in this model: its main purpose is to improve comfort level and performance quality that you get with the mask. There’s also improved visibility and more balanced design to add to it, according to a manufacturer.

Mold Inspection Services

Mold infestations can be complex, and our approach is to customize each mold inspection so that it not only helps you get a grasp of your mold problem but also is helpful to you as a homeowner.

Mold Inspection Process

Initial interview to understand your concerns

Areas with suspected mold growth are assessed

Sources of moisture & high humidity are identified

Samples of suspected mold may be obtained

If needed, air samples are obtained

All obtained samples are sent to a lab for analysis

Results are obtained by lab in 24-48 hours

Findings & next steps are discussed with you

A Mold Assessment Report will be provided to you

What happens after a mold inspection?

This depends entirely on the outcome of the inspection.  In many cases, contacted by homeowners who already know they have mold in their house and they are looking for a professional opinion on the severity of the mold, what allowed it to grow and how to get rid of it.  If a mold inspection reveals mold, then produce a certified mold assessment report, which is almost always required to hire someone to remove mold.

When is a mold assessment required

A mold assessment is needed in order for you to hire a remediation company to remove more than 10 square feet of mold from a structure, including houses and other residences.  Almost all mold inspections reveal more than this amount of mold

Why Pay For Mold Testing When A Mold Inspection Is Free?

You’ve discovered mold in your home or office. Now what? If you’re like most people who find mold, your first thought is to call a mold removal company to have it tested so that you can see if it’s dangerous. However, very often when customers call a mold removal company, they find out that mold testing is very expensive—anywhere from $200 to $1000.

Mold Testing vs. Mold Inspection

So what’s the difference between mold testing and mold inspection? Unless you’ve gone through the hassle of dealing with mold before, chances are you don’t know what is involved with either one.

Mold testing is when a professional comes and takes samples of the air around the mold. Using a spore trap, they will capture the spores in the air and will then send it to a lab to be analyzed. The mold may also be determined by testing the surface around the mold area. The mold tester will do this by taking a swab sample, a tape sample, or by removing a piece of the mold-infected area.

Mold inspection is when a trained mold inspector comes and looks for evidence of mold inside walls and other areas, including areas where there may be mold damage, such as inside crawlspaces and inside basements. They will also look for sources of unwanted moisture which may be causing the mold growth.

All Mold Needs to Go—Not Just Black Mold

Mold testing can reveal what type of mold you have, but even if it’s not black mold, it will still need to go. While some strains are more toxic than other strains, no mold is good to just have hanging around.