Nutrition and Emotions: How income affects your food choice

Have you ever taken time to look at the pattern of your eating habits? What did you realize? Eating habit is something many people ignore, and they tend to assume that eating is just a regular thing. It is believed that what you earn does not matter but what counts is you’re spending habits. Do you feel that the type of food and the feeding habits costs you an additional budget? If so, then you need to relook at your feeding budget keenly.

People who are informed about nutrition value, are more attentive when it comes to choosing the right food for their family. It might be probably due to the social class they belong or their financial position that dictates them to behave as such. Many people tend to believe that good income results to a quality diet which in a way might be the truth.

This fact, however, is however bound to change due to fluctuations that come about with food price. Regardless of what you earn, your income affects your food choice, and it is good to plan appropriately. In this article, I am going to give you a guide on how you can choose the best type of food factoring in your income.

How income affects your food choice


Food quality

Food quality and price goes hand in hand. When food is of high quality, its rate is always high, and the opposite is still the same. According to Dr. Beydoun A. May and Wang Youfa both from the Nutrition Center School of Public Health in Baltimore US, all adults of higher socio-class eat well compared to those of low class. Primarily these scientists believe that it is because they can afford quality food. They take food with less fat, less cholesterol more fiber, fruits, vegetables, and calcium. The scientist advises that if your income is low, it is good to cut other budgets and improve your diet quality.


Food variety awareness

Information on food variety is essential. People tend to think that expensive food is more nutritious compared to a cheap one. I would say this is an informed perception. Some even develop a negative emotion to cheap food like vegetables thinking that they are of no help. It is believed that good awareness of the best nutritious diet impacts directly on our health. Having a precise knowledge of food variety can always lead you to a helpful diet regardless of your income.


Food price

If you earn less, you need to have a controlled budget that cut cost other expenses giving you the right moment to plan your food budget. People who view price as a barrier to accessing quality food end up surviving in bad diets. This might be a risk to their healthy life because it causes malnutrition.


Food availability

Areas with people of high social class tend to have different places to access quality food. People in such situations can always afford to buy food from supermarkets that offer a variety of food even at a high price. On the other hand areas with people of low income lacks large areas with discount supermarket chains and they end up shopping in groceries that may not contain wide food variety and are more expensive.


Eating habits

Did you know that the more you eat, the more you spend? High-income household always chooses to eat from costly restaurants, unlike low-income people who go for cheap fast foods. It is good to consider more on what you are eating but not the place. Fast foods are less helpful and offer less energy though they are cheap. It is good to eat food that will last for a long time and help you in the long run.



There is always a relation between incomes, food price, and food intake pattern. If your income is high, you enjoy the laxity of affording every type of food. On the other hand, if your income is low, you need to adjust your budget accordingly to avoid poor diets.

Places To Eat and Drinks in New York

New York has stood out among the crowd in a variety of different aspects, including for having the top restaurants to eat, and have drinks. There are several of them, in particular, that have become a must visit due to the first-class experience they provide to every client, no matter the budget present.


The Top Places to Eat and Have Drinks in New York


Rooftop 93

Rooftop 93 A leading nightlife destination, this bar and lounge is situated in the heart of downtown Manhattan. It is located at the two top floors of Wyndham Garden Chinatown, allowing one to capture breathtaking views of New York City while having a great time. Its open air rooftop is a favourite to eat at any time of the day. Both the food and drink menus are very budget-conscious. The food here is so good that reordering happens often.


District Social

Located in Midtown West in the heart of NYC’s Garment District, this restaurant showcases a masterfully-prepared menu that offers a variety of different affordable drink and food options to meet everyone’s preferences. The interior of District Social is one-of-a-kind, contributing to its delightful vibe that one would want to opt to engage in for a long time.



This is one of the best restaurants to mingle and thus have a magnificent time, without breaking the bank. It has a very beautiful interior with just the right amount of light brightness to provide clients with a comfortable atmosphere. In 2018, it won the Diners’ Choice Award, which is not surprising due to its aesthetic, as well as the finger-licking food, and drink choices.



If you want to eat in a restaurant that grants a rooftop experience like no other, Versa is a choice that should be taken into consideration. No matter what, Versa has always stood out for providing an elevated experience whether it is an event, dinner, launch, business lunch, or etc. It has a diverse menu that features breakfast, lunch, dinner, and delicious-tasting cocktails that do not fail to impress.


Monarch Rooftop Bar & Indoor Lounge

This restaurant has often been labelled as one that has the spirit of delight and the atmosphere of luxury. It specializes in refreshing cocktails, unbeatable views, delicious bites, and premium table hospitality and service. The patio of the rooftop can allow one to acquire magnificent views of Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building. You can step through their sliding-floor-to-ceiling glass doors to enjoy yourself with apps and drinks. Inside Monarch, one is surrounded with white wood panels on walls, raw iron columns, custom Terrazzo tiles, and vintage bricks, without having to spend a fortune. It is simply an attention-grasper from every angle you look at it.


Experience Them All!

The aforementioned are the best of the best restaurants to have a great time eating delicious food and drinking tasty drinks in New York. Go ahead and experience them all so that you can find out what they are always the talk of the town and thus why numerous individuals from all walks of life visit them on a daily basis.